Chariots of Fire (1981)

Jun 11, 2020 by Thor Hogan

Parallel to this, the film also explores the life of the equally legendary Eric Liddle. The already famous rugby player was also seeking Olympic glory, while at the same time preparing for life as a missionary. For me this story is less interesting, although his athletic feats were in many ways far more impressive.


My favorite character is Montague, the son of a prominent novelist who went on to become a well-known journalist. His curiosity, compassion, and openness to difference always gives me hope for humanity.


The second half of the film follows the exploits of the four main characters at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris. For anyone who hasn’t seen the film, I will avoid spoilers and simply suggest that the depiction of the competition is wonderful and engaging. For anyone who is interested in history, this is a terrific film. For anyone suffering from athletics-withdrawal during the ongoing pandemic, this is a nice way to pass a couple of hours.